‘I’m afraid the police are making the mistake that many people male. They think that because the crime is so unusual, they can never explain it. But they are wrong. It is more helpful to have an unusual crime, because that will make us think harder, and ask the right questions, and in the end find the answer. We must not ask the question, “What has happened?”; we must ask, “What has happened that has never happened before?” The answer to this mystery is not really difficult at all – I think I know it already.’ dbfecd43ae

This story is a detective story. The story was mystery at first but by reading this book, it turned out to horrible but sad story for me. The main character, Monsieur Auguste Dupin, is so clever and he can find out the murderer easily and tell us how he got the answer. This part was the most interesting part of this book, I think. It seemed like I was trying to salve a riddle with him in the book.

This book was written by Edgar Allan Poe, an american writer. This book made him famous for his detective story so that there is a prize that called an ‘Edgar’ in America. This prize is given to the best writer of mystery each year. I will read this The Murders in the Rue Mourgue‘s original in the near future.

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing is set in Messina, a town on the Mediterranean island of Sicily, about four hundred years ago. Sicily is Italian now, but in Shakespeare’s time it had Spanish rulers. When the play begins, the Spanish prince, Don Pedro, and his Italian gentlemen are coming to Messina after fighting in a war.

This story is about two very different love stories. Claudio and Hero fell in love with their first sight and they decided to get married very soon. They were happy about that but there were some bad attempts around them. Another love story is Benedict and Beatrice. They didn’t think marriage is good. They don’t want to get married with someone. However, their friends wanted to make them together so that they made a plan.

The Mystery of Allegra

My left hand touched the table – and then something took hold of my right arm.

It was a cold little hand. The hair on my neck stood up and my legs began to shake.

‘Who is it?’ I cried.

At the same time I found the light on the table and turned it on. A little girl in a long white nightdress stood in front of me near the bed. She was looking at me with big eyes, as blue as an Italian sky in summer. Her blond hair was as bright as sunlight round her pale face.

This girl is Allegra. It means happy in Italian. Adrain, an English sixteen-year-old boy, was in her house on his family trip in Italy. One night, she asked him to take her to her mother. But she was little strange. She used past tense when she talks about her mother and she said she will dye soon. He didn’t take her. Next morning, he met Allegra again. But it was not same Allegra that he saw last night. She had black hair and brown eyes. But he was sure that there were two Allegra, one was not known other people. After Adrain went back to England, he knew Allegra with black hair dyed soon after he left. What the connection between these two Allegras?

In this book there is another Allegra that Adrain meets. Three Allegras have same features but they look different. It was an interesting and a little bit scary story. The connection of three Allegras surprised me.


‘Do you really want to keep him, Mother?’ said Father Wolf.

‘Keep him?’ said Mother Wolf. ‘Yes. He came here by night, alone and hungry, but he was not afraid. Yes, I will keep him. And I will call him Mowgli, the frog.’

Mowgli was a man-cob but he grow up in the jungle with gray wolves. When he was a baby who could just walk, his real parents had run away from jungle. Then Mother Wolf found him and she raised this man-cob as her child and give him a name, Mowgli. Mowgli has good friends. Baloo, the old brown bear, and Bagheere, the black panther. They thought Mowgli the Law of the jungle. However, there were the animal who does not like Mowgli as a member of the jungle. It was Tiger, Shere Khan. Mowgli and Shere Khan fought in the end and Mowgli won. Now he was truly a member of the jungle.

I have seen this story’s movie The Jungle Book of Disney. It was live- action version and every animals in the jungle was realistic and beautiful. As a whole, the story is similar to this book’s story but at some point, it is not. However, both stories are adventure story. I enjoyed to watch and read this story. If you interested in this, I suggest you watch movie because it is easy to get the image in the jungle.

William Shakespeare

Will wrote his play Richard for Richard Burbage, and it was a great success. Richard the Third was a wicked king – a murderer – but he was wonderful on the stage, with Burdage’s great voice and fine acting. Soon all London was saying King Richard’s famous words when his horse was killed in war:

A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!

William Shakespeare was an great English writer. This story was told by his friend named Toby. Actually, Toby was not a real human, but Shakespeare might have a friend like Toby. Their first met was in 1579. They were only boy and they became friends each other soon. Will was really clever boy and he wrote lots of poets and plays. However his wife, Anne Hathaway, didn’t like her husband was writing because who were poor and in low class wrote poets and plays at that time. Also, Will’s life was not easy but he became great writer and he is still famous all over the world.

Agatha Christie, Woman of Mystery

After The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was published, more and more people began to buy Agatha’s books, and Agatha had more money to spend.

The Christies bought a house at Sunningdale, about thirty miles from London.

‘What shall we call it?’ said Agatha.

‘Styles,’ said Archie, ‘after your first book.’

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was lived with her mother, Clara, in 1908. She was eighteen years old. She started to write stories because she was really bored and Clara recommended her to do it. She was good mother and she believed her daughter’s abilities. It was not easy for Agatha to write good stories. She sent lots of stories to lots of publishers but they didn’t allow to publish her book. When Agatha was twenty-two, she met a good guy named Archibald Christie. They fell in love with each other and they got married in 1914. After that, Agatha wrote another story, detective story. It was finally published and she became famous and rich. However, she disappeared suddenly. What happened to her?

Huckleberry Finn

Silently, I moved along the river in my canoe, under the darkness of the trees. And then I stopped. Through the trees I could see the light of a fire. Afraid, I left my canoe and went nearer. There was a man lying by the fire. Suddenly, he sat up and I saw that it was Jim, Miss Watson’s slave! I was really happy to see him! ‘Hello, Jim!’, I cried, and I jumped out from behind the tree.

This is a story about Huckleberry Finn and he was a best friend of Tom Sawyer in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This book is after story of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Huck was living with the Widow Douglas but he didn’t like the life there. He had to be clean and tidy, be good all the time, and go to school. Then, his father Pop came to get back Hackleberry. His father was not good father so he always drunk and angry because he wanted Huck’s money that he found with Tom in the former book. In this book Hack ran away from his father and he traveled down the great Mississippi River on a raft.

I think if I had read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer before I have read this story, it would be more interesting.