The girl heard them and turned quickly. She gave a little cry and pulled up the hood of her cloak.

‘She’s got the Eye! The Devil’s Eye!’

‘No!’ Cried the girl. ‘I haven’t! Oh, please!’

Minty had a sixth sense so that when she got Aunt Mary’s home, she felt something was there in the house which was in front of her house. Minty went around the yard of that house and found a sundial. However, for her, it seemed a moondial. She felt cold wind and when she realized, she was in a hundred year before. There, she met a kitchen boy. He had no family and had very bad cough. Minty felt really sorry for him. Another day, she went to that moondial again and this time, she went another year, more beforehand. There, she met a strange girl called ‘devil’s child’. Minty didn’t believe this girl is a real devil’s child and she started to help her from her terrible life.


I did not see any more. Already strong hands were pulling me away. Then something hit my head; I saw a great flash of fire, and fell to the ground. ã€Œkidnapped oxford bookworms library」の画像検索結果

David lost his father and mother and he has just started his new life in the very begging of this book. However, the begging of his new life with his uncle did not go well. His uncle tried to kill David for money and after all, he was kidnapped by the sailers!


For three years we had to make every dollar do the work of two. All through the summer holidays we worked at the Boat Club in Dennis Port. It was hard work, but we were never too tired to be kind to each other. I say ‘kind’ because there are no words to describe our love and happiness together.

Oliver Barrett the Fourth and Jennifer Cavilleri were university students. They met in the library. Oliver was a Harvard student and Jenny soon realized it. Then, she spoked him in a not good way because she didn’t like rich and stupid Harvard boy. But he didn’t and gradually, she became like him. By dating together, Oliver felt like to get married to Jenny. He told about that her but she did not happy because she was a poor girl. She thought she was not right to Oliver Barrett the Fourth. After all this kind of problems, they finally got married and the lived happily by themselves. However, the blood disease was found in Jenny. She was only twenty- four at that time. Oliver tried very hard to help her but eventually, she was dead in twenty-five years old.


The Railway Children

Then everybody sat down on chairs and an important looking man got up to speak. He said nice things about the children – how brave and clever they were – and then he sat down. Next, the old gentleman got up and said more nice things about them. Then he called them across and gave each of them a beautiful gold watch.

Bobbie, Peter, and Phyllis were living in London with their parents. Their life was all well and they lived happily. But one day, something bad happened to their father and they needed to move to the countryside without him. Their mother told them, in a sad face, that they needed to live quietly and they were poor now. But the children gradually came to like their new life. Near their new house, there was the railway and station. They became friends with a good porter in that station, and they met other good people too. They could learn a lot of things by spending their time there. However, one day, Bobbie knew the reason why her father had gone. She tried to fix the problem and finally she made it!

The Crown of Violet

‘No, my young friend,’ said the older man. ‘I know nothing, but I know that I know nothing. Some people know nothing, but believe that they know everything.’

The main character, Alexis was a boy who wrote plays in Athens. He met an Socrates and impressed by him whether his father didn’t like Socrates’ thought. Alexis was writing plays but only tragedies. However after his time spent with a girl named Corrina, he decided to write comedy and play it at the spring festival. At the same time, he accidentally realized that there were a bad plan of treason. His play was great success and he also could catch traitors. Alexis was recognized as a clever and smart boy.


‘[…] Well, one day he was lucky. Usually, when a child ib born, it stops being telepathic. Drewitt wanted to change that. He did a lot of experiments with monkeys, and used radiation on their unborn babies. Some very strange monkeys were born, but there were also two who were telepathic. There was no question about it. One knew what the other was thinking and feeling.’ ã€Œreturn to earth」の画像検索結果

This story is placed in 2029. A man named Harl and a woman named Ellen is talking about their future in the park. Harl is going to the journey to another planet for 8 years but it takes 100 years for people on earth. When he gets back to earth, Ellen would be dead. He asks her to go with him but she refuses. She doesn’t want to spend 8 years in the astronaut even with her boyfriend, and there is another big reason why she won’t. She is doing her great job. She is creating telepaths. Her experiment team succeeds to make five monkeys into telepaths and also three real human babies into telepaths! She believes that if every human on earth were telepaths, the world would be peace place. However, after 100 years, when Harl returns to earth, everything on earth is changed. There are no people and the cities are empty.

It little frightened of me. The progress on science makes our life better but it also could be a threat. I don’t believe this situation will happen in the real future, but if you like something unreal thing, you can enjoy reading this book.

Robinson Crusoe

Then I told myself that I was lucky – lucky to be alive, lucky to have food and tools, lucky to be young and strong. But I knew that my island was somewhere off  the coast of South America. Ships did not often come down this coast, and I said to myself, ‘I’m going to be on this island for a long time.’ So, on a long piece of wood, I cut these words:


After that, I decided to make a cut for each day.2328388-M

The main character, Robinson Crusoe, was a young English man. He was bored with his quiet life in Englan and he decided to go journey to the sea. When his second sail, he was took by a Turkish pirate. After two years, he successed to escape from his Turkish master and he went Brazil. In Brazil, he had a comfortable life but when his friend asked him to join the journey to Africa, he agreed it. However this journey turned out a terrible one. The big stome attacked the ship and no one except Robinson could survive. He reached the shore but that was an inhabited island. This was a start of his 27 years life on an island alone.