The girl heard them and turned quickly. She gave a little cry and pulled up the hood of her cloak.

‘She’s got the Eye! The Devil’s Eye!’

‘No!’ Cried the girl. ‘I haven’t! Oh, please!’

Minty had a sixth sense so that when she got Aunt Mary’s home, she felt something was there in the house which was in front of her house. Minty went around the yard of that house and found a sundial. However, for her, it seemed a moondial. She felt cold wind and when she realized, she was in a hundred year before. There, she met a kitchen boy. He had no family and had very bad cough. Minty felt really sorry for him. Another day, she went to that moondial again and this time, she went another year, more beforehand. There, she met a strange girl called ‘devil’s child’. Minty didn’t believe this girl is a real devil’s child and she started to help her from her terrible life.



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